Society for Clinical Microbiologists of Turkey (KLIMUD) was established on May 25th., 2009 in Ankara with the contribution of 19 founding members. First General Assembly was done on October 24th., 2009 and from then on each of two years intervals starting from November 2011. KLIMUD has been accepted as an affiliated society to European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) since 2013.

KLIMUD which is the national society of the Clinical Microbiology specialists in Turkey, is a non-profit society and is intended for professional and scientific purposes. The objective of the Society is to establish, protect and improve the scientific standards in the field of Clinical Microbiology training, research and health services; to establish national policies; to lead the protection and promotion of the respectability of the Clinical Microbiology specialty; and to take actions in order to protect and improve the rights of its members. KLIMUD is woring in colloboration and coordination with the oldest and the largest microbiology union in Turkey, namely Turkish Society of Microbiology (TMC).

Medical Microbiology is a main branch of medical specialties in Turkey since 1928. The duration of Medical Microbiology training is 4 years in Turkey and four subspecialty fields have been defined for Medical Microbiology such as Medical Mycology, Medical Parasitology, Medical Virology and Medical Immunology.

KLIMUD is aimed to represent the Medical Microbiology specialty on scientific, legal, and ethical issues within national and international grounds. For that purpose Turkish Board of Medical Microbiology (TBMM) was established in 2004 and is working in coordination with the Society for Clinical Microbiologists of Turkey to establish the necessary standards of Medical Microbiology training and certification. TBMM is an official member of Union of European Medical Specialists Section Medical Microbiology .

KLIMUD organizes yearly continuing medical education events within the scope of the professional development and continuous medical training to support postgraduate learning and also training of the research assistants in the field of medical microbiology. To support the quality of the Clinical Microbiology services given in Turkey, KLIMUD has issued and supplied the distribution of Medical Microbiology Laboratory Guides for routine practice in Clinical Microbiology laboratories and has undertaken necessary activities in order to implement them.

KLIMUD has supported promotion of research as a core activity of the society and established many study groups. The study groups’ main objective is to make researchers to collaborate in multi-center studies, to help establishment of guidelines and to organize educational meetings. These study groups are Antimicrobial Susceptibility Detection and Surveillance, Clinical Virology, Medical Parasitology, Medical Mycology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Molecular Microbiology, Quality and Accreditation in Laboratory Practice, Basic Immunology, Man-power in Medical Microbiology, Laboratory Safety.


KLİMUD (Klinik Mikrobiyoloji Uzmanlık Derneği - Society for the Clinical Microbiologists of Turkey)

Adress: Meşrutiyet cad. Kültür Apt. No: 38/15 Kat:7 Kızılay / ANKARA / TURKEY

Phone: +90 312 230 78 18 - +90 530 693 86 67
E-mail: info@klimud.org - klimud@gmail.com